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HAZET is expanding its SYSTEM 5000-3 CT torque wrench

New torque wrench with reversible ratchet bit

The Remscheid-based manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment HAZET is constantly expanding the successful 5000-3 CT product line as part of its torque technology. Now he is introducing two new torque wrenches with 6.3 mm 1/4″ inch reversible ratchet bits.

The wrenches make work easier, especially in tight spaces, such as maintenance and repair work on the burner flange or the electrodes on compact modules of condensing and combi gas boilers. Two-wheeler mechanics appreciate the tools when they work on aluminum and carbon parts or when they have to precisely tighten plastic add-on parts or fairings on motorcycles, scooters and bicycles according to specifications. The torque wrench 5107 B-3 CT is used in the range between 1 and 9 Nm, the version 5108 B-3 CT between 2.5 and 25 Nm.

Due to their extremely low weight of only 270 g and a practical length of 234 mm, both torque wrenches are ideal for the workshop as well as for work at home and on the go. The ratchet head is a slim 10.2 mm high and 24 mm wide. Standard bits are held by a 6.3 mm (1/4)″ Allen key, captively protected by a spring ring.

The laser inscription makes the high-contrast vernier scales easy to read and divided into 0.1 (5107 B-3 CT) or 0.25 Nm increments (5108 B-3 CT). This enables the user to set and read precisely. The torque triggering accuracy is ± 3% (5108 B-3 CT) or ± 4% (5107 B-3 CT). Both tools only require a small operating force: the wrench for the lower torque ranges requires 0.6 to 5.5 kg, the other 1.4 to 15.3 kg.

The two torque wrenches are based on the proven technology of the HAZET 5000-3 CT series. An adjustment aid with locking points for optimized user guidance ensures safe and quick setting of the desired torque value by turning the handle. The secure locking of the setting values ​​is then ensured by a latching function on the slewing ring. This triangular slewing ring prevents uncontrolled rolling away. Lock symbols indicate the respective locking status to the user. The keys are delivered including a calibration certificate and serial number.

All parts of the 5000-3 CT series are produced and assembled “Made in Germany”. The high HAZET standards in production and quality assurance guarantee high tool availability and long service lives. High-quality materials and precise workmanship ensure absolute reliability. If necessary, the precision tools can be repaired and recalibrated in the HAZET Service Center. Here, the Remscheid-based company also offers corresponding service packages for a calibration service: as is well known, torque wrenches are high-quality measuring instruments.

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