Cleco LiveWire is a smart assembly system for safety critical applications. It combines traditional fastening technology with advanced WiFi connectivity. Manage up to 16 tools with only one controller with Cleco LiveWire!

The Cleco TULMan is an electronic tripometer and odometer for small pneumatic power tools. It allows the implementation of tool performance checks and preventative maintenance - based on tool usage. 

Cleco 19 Series Screwdrivers and Nutrunners Introducing the new Cleco 19 Series Screwdriver Family. Developed with our customers' expertise and Cleco's century-long manufacturing knowledge, the new 19 Series is engineered to be the class leader in accuracy, durability, and productivity.

Apex µ-Guard free spinning covered drive tools increase operator safety by significantly reducing or eliminating pinch points when operators are wearing gloves. 
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Totally redesigned and reengineered, Cleco introduces a new line of best-in-class air impact wrenches that deliver more torque than ever before. 

Cleco's CWC Premium-featured Composite Impacts offer the ultimate balance of performance, ergonomics and durability. 

Schraubstation mit DGD Spindeln - Gesamtansicht und Close-Up des Schraubvorgangs
Tightening station with DGD spindles - general view and close-up of the tightening process

We're demonstrating the sustained power capabilities of this new offering with a material removal rate test. By conducting a standard 1 minute grinding session on a steel block, this product demonstrates its' industry leading material removal capabilities. By weighing the block of steel before and after, you can see that we remove 0.13lbs of steel, or over 59 grams in 1 minute! When maximum material removal is the challenge, the new Cleco Vertical Grinder is the answer!

Cleco LiveWire Angle- and Pistol nutrunners in use at the sports cars manufacturer KTM in Graz, Austria. The video shows several joints including the supervision with the adequate controller.

The autofeed tightening module MCA is equipped with: • EasyDriver screw feeding system • Fastening slide housing the motor, that guarantees a perfect approach of the nozzle to the workpiece to be tightened • Air or electric nutrunner motor depending on the application, joint and screw.

Automatic screw feeding. Speding up the assembly job. Evident reduction of the tightening cycle times, saving almost 35%: the manual phases are eliminated.

Extremely useful to fasten nuts on tubes, that is to say components with pipes containing fluids on which nuts are to be tightened (e.g. gas ramps in hobs, refrigerator compressor pipes, car braking system pipes, boiler pipes, coffee machine pipes and so on). Offsets can be supplied with end gears of different shapes and dimensions.

Fast and continuous tightening due to the automatic screw feeding to a screwdriver (without manual operations as picking and placing the screws), with practical and convenient POKA-YOKE and error proof device coupled to the screwdriver, the operator is being notified the results at the end of each cycle.

eTensil is the home-grown response to this modern industry’s demand for green, versatile and intelligent tools. We have designed these electric screwdrivers to slot seamlessly into the most up-to-date manufacturers and their working processes: from precision mechanics to automotive, from electronics to household appliances assembly.

TOM, the brand new monitoring unit from Fiam, checks the status of the tightening process in real time and guarantees reliability regardless of the skill of the operator. This practical and economic Poka Yoke system, leaving no room for mistakes, gives the operator feedback on the success of the tightening operation once completed.

CA EasyDriver with double pistol grip


Automatic workstations for wooden frames assembly: a 4-ways fastening system to be integrated into the existing assembly line; 4 fastening slides tighten automatically and at a specified height, 4 screws (100 mm long, self-tapping screws for wood ) simultaneously every 10 seconds.