Product Name:Fiam® Industrial Assembly Tools
Product Code:eTensil Brushless Electric Screwdriver
Product description:

Fiam has established itself as the leading company in industrial tightening internationally, leaping into the electric screwdriver market with its eTensil range. This selection of screwdrivers has been designed with the intention of raising standards in this sector.Electric, efficient and accurate, eTensil is the home-grown response to this modern industry’s demand for green, versatile and intelligent tools. We have designed them to slot seamlessly into the most up-to-date manufacturers and their working processes:from precision mechanics to automotive, from electronics to household appliances assembly. Design, power, precision in construction and excellence in manufacturing are the cornerstones that make eTensil a proudly Italian solution. This is a systematic project in which every detail has been developed and elaborated around top performance.

eTensil Brushless Electric Screwdriver -Fiam® Industrial Assembly Tools