Product Name:Fiam® Industrial Assembly Tools
Product Code:MCA/CA Screwfeeding Systems
Product description:

A concentrate of innovation

This solution consists of: Easydriver screw feeding system, autofeed air, electric or electronic screwdriver with patented FORWARD BIT STROKE or TELESCOPIC device . The patented FORWARD BIT STROKE , available for all autofeed screwdrivers, allows to tighten where space is limited, such as close to sidewalls or on inner holes with small diameter or very deep. It doesn’t damage the components because it works without touching the surfaces of the component avoiding frictions. The TELESCOPIC device, available only for air autofeed screwdrivers, allows to reach the required depths and therefore to tighten on inner holes with an internal telescopic stroke of 75 mm that can be arrived up to 105 mm. Also available in the version with two sensors which, in addition to ensuring reliable tightenings and continuous work cycles without jamming, controls the final screw height. All autofeed screwdrivers use screw heads that allow to tighten on any type of encumbrance thanks to the high customization. The heads rotate at 360 ° on 6 positions depending on encumbrances on the tightening point. All solutions can be used with specific units for monitoring and controlling the tightening cycle

MCA/CA Screwfeeding Systems -Fiam® Industrial Assembly Tools