Product Name:Cleco® Industrial Assembly Tools
Product Code:Cleco DGD® Automated Fixturing Solutions
Product description:

Cleco DGD Automated Systems provide custom fixturing solutions for the automated fastening of threaded joints. From engine mounting to securing camshaft covers, from mounting water pump assemblies to wheelnut fastening and everything in between, our custom designed fixturing systems are used in a variety of vehicle and industrial assembly applications. Whether your application requires a vertical or horizontal orientation, fixturing allows for the assembly of one or multiple Cleco DGD fixtured spindles in a common frame.

The benefits of a Cleco DGD Automated Assembly System Include:

  • Multiple Configuration Options
    Whether you’re looking for horizontal, vertical up, vertical down, angular up or angular down fixtured applications, Cleco DGD automated systems can provide the right solution to match your specific need.

  • Maximum Reliability & Accuracy
    Combined with the appropriate mPRO400 controller and remote programming software, we offer you the ability to monitor and record specific production cycle information for high-level data analysis and superior record-keeping.

  • Superior Ergonomics
    Our nutrunners and accessories, including cablesindicator boxesHMI panels, and control handles are easily adjusted, delivering superior ergonomics and effective reaction management for operators.

  • Flexible, Effective Production
    Flexible modular fixturing allows for more than one bolt pattern to be tightened using the same intelligent spindle multiple, saving your operation both time and money.

Use our Cleco DGD Spindle Selector Tool and let us help you build the right automated system for your assembly needs!

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