Cleco® DC Electric Assembly Tools(8.30MB)

Cleco's fastening technology is used globally and across all industries. This technology is used in Aerospace, Motor Vehicle, Offroad, Wind Energy, Agriculture, and a great multitude of applications within general industry where “quality critical” requirements are the rule. In motor vehicle environments across the globe, Cleco and DGD's complete line of transducerized electric tools are used in “safety critical” applications where spot-on precision and traceability are required. And finally, in one of the most demanding environments, our line of DC electric tools are used in aircraft assembly where “good enough” will never be acceptable.

Cleco® Pneumatic Assembly Tools(4.07MB)

Cleco screwdrivers have long been recognized as the assembly tool standard against which all other brands are measured. With over 100 years of precision manufacturing experience built.

Cleco® Pneumatic Air Motor (3.55MB)

Apex Tool Group’s air motors are engineered for flexibility and reliability. Cleco air motors cover a wide range of uses where compressed air is advantageous: powering air driven machinery, raising foundry copes and drags, rotating a turntable, mixing paint, powering cranes, valve actuation, or power source for mechanical hands or universal joints.

Dotco® Material Removal Tools(9.14MB)

When it comes to fine finishing applications such as die grinding or de-burring, no tools are better suited for the job than Dotco® grinders. Dotco’s reputation for durability, dependability and versatility is among the highest for fine finishing applications. This is the result of years of continuous improvements in engineering design and manufacturing processes. Dotco grinders are designed with the operator in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, without sacrificing durability. Plus, they incorporate elastomer coatings, and perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time.

Recoules Quackenbush® Products(8.44MB)

Apex Tool Group has a track record of providing tools to the global aerospace market that dates back to the 1940s. Many Apex Tool Group innovations from brands like Cleco®, Recoules Quackenbush®, Apex and Dotco® are built specifically with the stringent standards of the aerospace technician in mind. They improve productivity and ensure strength and precision – attributes critical to the assembly process, where quality control technicians spend a great deal of their time on inspection.

Master Power™ Products(2.45MB)

Master Power offers one of the most complete range of pneumatic equipment for rubbing, sanding and polishing in the world today. Master Power products are in demand by craftsmen and professionals in a wide variety of industries throughout the world. If you are working with wood, composites, solid surface, metal or stone, Master Power has a product that will provide a cost effective finish to your exacting standards.

Apex® Fastening Tools(4.70MB)

For more than half a century Apex has maintained a position of leadership in industrial fastening tools. Today, Apex stands ready to improve the productivity of assembly operations around the world with unsurpassed tool performance and customer service.


By expanding its product portfolio, Weller Tools is setting new benchmarks while laying the foundation for complete expert workbench solutions from a single source. Components in areas including classic soldering applications, extraction and filter systems, tweezers and pliers, screw and robot solutions as well as BGA/QFP and repair applications ensure a coordinated and highly productive electric desktop and installation solution.

Airetool™ Tube Service Tools(5.45MB)

The Airetool® family of tube service tools is one on the most diverse in the heat transfer industry with a broad selection of tube expanders, tube rolling controls, tube cleaners, and re-tubing tools to cover various applications.

Apex® Geta™(0.96MB)

For more than 80 years, Apex has maintained a position of global leadership in industrial fastening drive tools. With our commitment to enhance the productivity of our customers' operations around the world, the Apex Geta line of screwdriver bits, bit holders, nutsetters, and sockets are built for performance. Geta fastening drive tools are quality tools for a complete range of light industrial applications. We engineer our products to be superior to all other products in their class. Our tools are machined from high-grade alloy steel and then heat treated to provide a long-lasting, non-brittle toughness. This results in a durable tool that provides a good, consistent fit to the fastener and lasts longer. Geta - durable, quality tools at affordable prices... a true value leader.

Apex® Universal Joints(2.74MB)

Apex has been supplying universal joints for military and commercial applications since 1933.Over these 70+ years we have provided engineered solutions for thousands of demanding applications worldwide. Today Apex is recognized as the “Less downtime, more Lifetime” leader in pin and cube universal joint designs and applications.

Utica™ Torque Products(9.37MB)

Utica products offer high quality solutions for your torque applications. Utica products add value to the assembly process by enabling you to assess, control and improve product reliability, which leads to customer satisfaction. Whether the application is cellular phone assembly involving fine threaded screws or an automotive assembly operation fastening bolts, Utica torque products are the right choice.